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Grand Bay, Mississippi Certified Local Phenology Leaders. 2/2016

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L. Barnett

Welcome to Nature's Notebook!

Congratulations on signing up for a Nature's Notebook workshop or event! If you are new to Nature's Notebook this page contains all of the links you'll need to send you on your way to making valuable contributions to science as well as keeping records of natural events in plants and animals in your own yard. This resource is for you!

You will find a series of informative videos below, made by USA-NPN Partners and the National Coordinating Office, which define the concept of phenology, provide examples of observations, and the application of observation contributions to scientific research and management. They will provide the context for your participation in the Nature's Notebook Professional and Citizen Science program.

The link below will guide you through the steps to create your own observation account. We recommend that you do that on a desktop or laptop computer rather than your mobile device for best results. If you are observing with a Group look for information from your host regarding the Group name (Partner Group) prior to your event. You will select that Group from the list of Partners when you create your account.

Be sure to create a Nature's Notebook account before attending your training or workshop so you arrive ready to make observations.

Become an observer

After you create your account on a laptop or desktop computer you can visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store from your mobile device to download our free mobile app. Tips for using the mobile app on each platform can be found here linked from the table below.

If you have any questions about how to get started, email for help at any time.

Welcome to the world of phenology and citizen science! Thank you so much for your efforts to help us record and better understand how our planet's species are responding to a changing climate.

Printed Pre-workshop Materials

Track Plants and Animals with Nature's Notebook The Ocotillo and the Hummingbird - Why we need year-round observations
Phenology-linked indicators of Climate Change How To Observe Handbook
The Botany Primer: Understanding Botany for Nature's Notebook Nature's Notebook Nuggets
The Phenophase Primer Frequently Asked Questions
Tip sheet for the Nature's Notebook Mobile Apps


All of these videos and more can be found on our USA-NPN YouTube Channel!
you tube play icon Introduction to Phenology by USA-NPN
you tube play icon Introduction to Citizen Science by USA-NPN
you tube play icon Introduction to USA-NPN and Nature's Notebook by USA-NPN
you tube play icon Working with Nature's Notebook Data by Julianna Renzi, NASA Space Intern, 2016
you tube play icon Climate Change and Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC by NPS Climate Change Response
you tube play icon Phenology - Nina Leopold Bradley by Climate Wisconsin
you tube play icon Measuring Phenology from Ground to Space by NEON
you tube play icon Phenology: Nature's Shifting Rhythms by Regina Brinker
you tube play icon Phenology and Citizen Science in Great Smoky Mountains National Park by NPS Climate Change Response
you tube play icon Join a phenology observation campaign!
you tube play icon Phenology and Climate Change - Nature's Changing Clocks
you tube play icon Grand Bay NERR/NWR Nature's Notebook Phenology Monitoring Program