These activities allow upper level students to collect, graph, and interpret phenology data. 

Credits: Nikita via Flickr
scrub jay at feeder

Bird Feeder Notebook

Observando el comederos para pájaros

Grades: 9-12

Students record observations of the birds visiting feeders outside their school. Then they compare their records to those from local birding experts and online citizen science data sources to determine if the timing of bird activity has shifted in their community. 

Outdoor activity; 5 class periods plus weekly 10-20 minute observations 

Credits: Sarah N Schaffer
two young women taking notes on a plant

Investigations in Phenology

Investigaciones en fenología

Grades: 9-12

This activity will familiarize students with some of the main phenophases present on select species during certain times throughout the school year. 

Outdoor activity; 4-5 class sessions of 50-90 minutes 

Credits: USFWS Mountain Prairie via Flickr
monarch on showy milkweed

Monarchs and Milkweed - Looking at the Numbers 

Grades: 9-12

Students will work with a small dataset taken from the USA National Phenology Network Database to learn the proper way to graph data so that they can make comparisons between groups. 

Indoor activity; 4-5 class periods