Phenology networks around the world

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As the pace of phenological research accelerates, the global research community has begun gathering together more consistently. This has increased, especially since 2010 within the triennial Phenology international conferences.  Likewise, several new national-scale phenology networks have organized and begun functioning over the last decade, such as those in Sweden and the USA.  However, progress toward broader international cooperation in terms of phenological data planning, collection, coordination, and dissemination among existing phenological networks has remained elusive. 

Over the last several years, representatives from the International Society of Biometeorology Phenology Commission (ISB-PC) and the World Meteorological Organization Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (WMO-CAgM) have been discussing the concept of a "Global Alliance of Phenological Observation Networks" (GAPON).  While much remains to move this idea into practical applications, a concrete first step would be to simply provide a single webpage that identifies and provides links with contact information for national and other large-scale networks around the world that collect phenological data.  This webpage, constructed by the USA National Phenology Network, with assistance from ISB and WMO-CAgM, is an initial attempt to move forward in this area.

If you would like us to add your large-scale phenology monitoring network to this list, please complete this submission form or contact [email protected] with any questions.

The list of large-scale phenology monitoring networks across the globe is coming soon!