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Milner Gardens & Woodland

Milner Gardens & Woodland - Vancouver Island University is using Nature's Notebook to observe on their 28 hectare (70 acre) property in Canada with their staff, community volunteers, and students. They desire to get baseline measurements to track effects of climate change, provide data for local, regional and continental studies and encourage participation by students & community volunteers.  They will start their observations with the following locations and species: In the woodland: Douglas fir, Bigleaf Maple, Red Alder, Grand Fir, Rubus parvifolius, Rubus spectabilis, Vaccinium ovatum, Vaccinium parvifolium, Lonicera ciliosa, Achlys triphylla. In the garden: magnolia & Hamamelidaceae collections.

Qualicum Beach
British Columbia, Canada
Organization Type: 
Plan to Use Nature's Notebook for:: 
Informing management
Answering science questions
Studying climate change impacts
Status and trends (or baseline) monitoring
Getting students involved with research
Engaging the public
Entrypoint for citizen science
This LPP is working with K-16 students: 
More than 30 students: 
Under-served Communities: 
Under-served how?: 
We are open to any volunteers/student partipation, as long as they are committed and learn the species and observation technique
Involves indigenous communities: 
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First Observation Date: 
December, 2016
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