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Audubon California

Audubon California is compoased of the following National Audubon Organizations:

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2018 Impact Statement

We have trained volunteers to monitor phenophases of selected bird, butterfly, and plant species since April 2014. The volunteers work in pairs and come out monthly to observe in the coastal sage scrub (a rare shrubland) or riparian. We use the data visualization tool regularly to help our seed collector shift her collection timing. With rising temperatures, long unusual cold spells, drought it is of great interest how our species are responding and the data viz tool helps us see patterns that are changing or stable. We sometimes have our young seasonal staff use the data viz tool to make graphs and they become familiar with phenology and what we can learn from our data.

We wanted to do something that had a scientific basis to understand the possible effects of the changing climate. Nature's Notebook is an excellent educational tool for both volunteers and staff.

The changes we are experiencing in temperature and rainfall are frightening and extreme. Sometimes our phenology results just illustrate trends but sometimes there are actions we can take, particularly for our restoration project, i.e. shifting timing of seed collection for upland shrublands or native woody cuttings collection for riparian restoration.


Audubon input on Bird Protocols and Activity Curves Visualization

Audubon CA's BirdSeasons CA observers, along with Sandy DeSimone, provided input on Nature's Notebook bird protocols and in-depth discussions led to the creation of the Activity Curves Visualization.