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Rio Grande Phenology Trail

Valle de Oro:
-Establishing information on richness and abundance of focal bird species before, during, and after restoration
-Studying timing of phenological events in native Rio Grande cottonwoods and invasive Siberian elms
-Use this data to help inform management decisions such as when to remove physical buildings on the refuge to have as little impact as possible on bird species; time flooding of fields and wetlands to limit elm seed germination and encourage cottonwood seed germination, etc
-Does species richness, abundance, timing of phenological events change in response to management activities and climate change?

-Is cottonwood phenology shifting in response to senescence, climate change, lower water tables, etc in the bosque?

-How does the phenology of species along the RGPT shift from: urban to rural, closer/further from the river, north to south, etc?

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