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Sonoma Botanical Garden

The Mission of the garden is to inspire an appreciation & understanding of the beauty & value of Asian & California native plants, and to promote their conservation in natural habitats & gardens. The garden had a name change from Quarryhill to Sonoma Botanical Garden. We have expanded the scope of the project to Quercus douglasii in the natural habitat of the property outside of the 25 acre Asian garden with four specific tree genus being observed. Malus sieboldii, Cornus kousa, Diospyros lotus & Magnolia stellata.Sonoma Botanical Garden has been observing four tree species for since 2015 using Nature's Notebook. The species are Cornus kousa, Magnolia stellata, Malus sieboldii and Diospyros lotus.

Glen Ellen
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Studying climate change impacts
Engaging the public
Contributing to a national effort
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February, 2015
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