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4 CAST Project

We are using the Nature's Notebook platform to not only facilitate our Pheno-Cam project, but to provide data to the larger scientific community. We are embarking on a long-term data collection and community engagement effort as part of the 4CAST Project (Coastal Climate Change + Community Art, Science and Tradition).  Using Nature's Notebook we seek to engage community volunteers and students in a meaningful way to better understand our changing climate, while providing researchers access to volumes of data which would otherwise be restrictive or nearly impossible to collect themselves. 

Lincoln City and Otis
Plan to Use Nature's Notebook for:: 
Answering science questions
Studying pollinator phenology
Studying climate change impacts
Status and trends (or baseline) monitoring
Getting students involved with research
Engaging the public
Contributing to a national effort
Entrypoint for citizen science
This LPP is working with K-16 students: 
More than 30 students: 
Under-served Communities: 
Under-served how?: 
As we expand our efforts we will be enlisting our local school district as partners who serve under-represented communities.
Involves indigenous communities: 
This LPP is part of a Phenology Trail: 
Personal Site Network: 
First Observation Date: 
August, 2021
Partner Group
Date of last record submission: 
August, 2021