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Reid Park Zoo Pollinator Garden

Reid Park Zoo uses Nature's Notebook to document the phenology of the plants and animals in their pollinator garden. Reid Park Zoo is partnered with Monarch SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) to help educate the public on how they can help conserve and protect monarch butterflies.

Organization Type: 
Plan to Use Nature's Notebook for:: 
Answering science questions
Studying migratory animals phenology
Studying pollinator phenology
Studying climate change impacts
Getting students involved with research
Getting students outside
Engaging the public
Contributing to a national effort
Entrypoint for citizen science
This LPP is working with K-16 students: 
More than 30 students: 
Under-served Communities: 
Under-served how?: 
We regularly apply for grant funding to provide programming for under-represented communities such as title-1 schools
Involves indigenous communities: 
This LPP is part of a Phenology Trail: 
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First Observation Date: 
March, 2021
Partner Group
Date of last record submission: 
October, 2020