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Ironwood Tree Experience - Ecomonitoring Corps

Currently, Ironwood Tree Experience's Ecomonitoring Corps interns (high school and early college aged students) are logging phenology data on Nature's Notebook through one shared account. Upon suggestion from staff and volunteers, ITE would like to set up a longterm project to observe phenology data at two observations sites through out our urban ecosystem in order to monitor the effects of climate change on local flora and fauna. Ironwood Tree Experience uses ecomonitoring and citizen science as a means of engagement to connect youth and other members of our community to bioregional natural and cultural history and systems.

Organization Type: 
Plan to Use Nature's Notebook for:: 
Answering science questions
Studying migratory animals phenology
Studying pollinator phenology
Studying climate change impacts
Status and trends (or baseline) monitoring
Getting students involved with research
Getting students outside
Engaging the public
Contributing to a national effort
Entrypoint for citizen science
This LPP is working with K-16 students: 
More than 30 students: 
Under-served Communities: 
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Ironwood Tree Experiences engages with diverse youth from across southern Arizona in citizen science and ecomonitoring programs.
Involves indigenous communities: 
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March, 2021
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