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Tohono Chul School Phenology Trail

The school phenology trail will cover 9 of the 19 plants of the Tohono Chul Public Phenology Trail that have interesting phenophases during the school year, as well as 9 animals usually present during the school year that use the 9 plants. The school phenology tour is being paired with an existing Tohono Chul school tour called Clever Plants that focuses on plant adaptation to desert conditions. The addition of phenology content will extend the focus to climate change.

We are piloting the School Phenology Tour with the students in the Center for Academically Talented Student Program of Flowing Wells School District who will make phenology observations at Tohono Chul Park this spring. In Year 2, we would like to recruit other schools and refine the school phenology tour.

Oro Valley
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Studying climate change impacts
Getting students involved with research
Getting students outside
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March, 2021
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