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Shelburne Farms Phenology Walk

Shelburne Farms Phenology Walk in Shelburne, VT is using Nature's Notebook as part of their mission to educate for sustainability. The target audience for the walk is local families and visiting school groups to teach students about seasonal change, engage students with field science and the value of citizen science, teach students about the noticeable impacts of climate change close to home, build connection to place while allowing multiple teachers and staff members to enter data that the farm can monitor onsite as well as contributing to the larger Nature's Notebook database.

Organization Type: 
Plan to Use Nature's Notebook for:: 
Studying climate change impacts
Getting students involved with research
Getting students outside
Entrypoint for citizen science
This LPP is working with K-16 students: 
More than 30 students: 
Under-served Communities: 
Under-served how?: 
We work with many students and families who are New Americans; we see them through public events, school programs, outreach visitors
Involves indigenous communities: 
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First Observation Date: 
February, 2017
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