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Ijams Phenology

In early fall of 2016 we established the first 2 tree plots that include 15 trees with 11 different tree species. In January 2018, 2 additional plots, called Shady Invader plots, were added to better understand the phenology and ecology of 3 species of invasive shrubs compared to 2 species of native understory woody plants. In October 2019 three additional plots were established on the Meads Quarry side of Island Home Ave. Two were established in the Subaru Preserve – one in the riparian zone of Toll Creek, the second in an upland location. The third plot is located in a mature oak-hickory stand on the Hickory trail. The 7 phenology plots cover a wide variety of Ijams forest ecosystems enduring various types and stages of disturbance. Data from these plots provide important primary information on Ijams ecosystems that can be used to more deeply understand the present status and provide information for understanding future response of trees and shrubs to management, recovery processes, and changing environmental conditions at Ijams. The 3 relatively mature forest tree plots (Secret Pond Trail, River Trail, and Hickory Trail) provide information on 23 tree species. The two Subaru Preserve plots provide monitoring information that may be useful for the restoration of these damaged ecosystems. The 2 Shady Invader plots are a resource for understanding the establishment and expansion of invasive shrubs and may provide information for management to reduce their impact on Ijams ecosystems. Each Shady Invader plot includes individuals of 2 native species and 3 invasive species.

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Ijams Phenology is involving students from Knoxville Title 1 schools.
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August, 2017
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