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Minnewaska State Park Preserve

The project at Minnewaska is focused on outreach and engagement. There are two trails currently run by environmental education interns at the park, who hope to engage adults and children in the phenology program through public hikes and school programs. The phenology trail is a part of the New York Phenology Network. Public hikes are conducted monthly at each trail to make phenology observations and to recruit dedicated volunteers as well. An end goal of this project is to establish enough interest through public hikes and signs at the park that park patrons will be engaged in the phenology trail on their own time. One of the trails is the Beacon Hill Footpath, which is located near Lake Minnewaska at the Wildmere parking area of Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Species along the trail include mountain laurel, sheep laurel, red maple, black huckleberry, Eastern hemlock, hemlock woolly adelgid, sweet birch, and American witch hazel. The second trail is the Lake Maratanza Loop Road, located at the Sam’s Point area of Minnewaska. This trail includes the species red maple, mountain laurel, sheep laurel, pitch pine, American witch hazel, highbush blueberry, and common milkweed.

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March, 2017
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