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Uses the USA-NPN Protocols

Title Authors Souce Year
Estimating tree phenology from high frequency tree movement data A. V.Gougherty; S.R. Keller; A. Kruger; C.D. Stylinski; A.J. Elmore; M.C. Fitzpatrick Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018
How training citizen scientists affects the accuracy and precision of phenological data R.E. Feldman; I. Žemaitė; A.J. Miller-Rushing International Journal of Biometeorology 2018
The primacy of bears as seed dispersers in salmon-bearing ecosystems L.E.F. Harrer; T. Levi Ecosphere 2018
Phenocams Bridge the Gap between Field and Satellite Observations in an Arid Grassland Ecosystem D.M. Browning; J.W. Karl; D. Morin; A.D. Richardson; C.E. Tweedie Remote Sensing 2017
Small-scale variability in a mosaic tropical rainforest influences habitat use of long-tailed macaques J.Chih Mun Sha; S.Chin Chua; P.Ting Chew; H. Ibrahim; H.Keong Lua; T.Kwan Fung; P. Zhang Springer Japan - Primates 2017
The plant phenology monitoring design for The National Ecological Observatory Network S.C. Elmendorf; K.D. Jones; B.I. Cook; J.M. Diez; C.A.F. Enquist; R.A. Hufft; M.O. Jones; S.J. Mazer; A.J. Miller-Rushing; D.J.P. Moore; M.D. Schwartz; J.F. Weltzin 2016
Synergistic Use of Citizen Science and Remote Sensing for Continental-Scale Measurements of Forest Tree Phenology A.J. Elmore; C.D. Stylinski; K. Pradhan 2016
Seasonal Variation in the NDVI–Species Richness Relationship in a Prairie Grassland Experiment (Cedar Creek) R. Wang; J.A. Gamon; R.A. Montgomery; P.A. Townsend; A.I. Zygielbaum; K. Bitan; D. Tilman; J. Cavender-Bares Remote Sensing 2016
Flowering and fruiting phenology, and physico-chemical characteristics of 2-year-old plants of six species of Opuntia from eight regions of Morocco K. Youssefel; M. Mouaadamine; M. Achraf; N. Boubker; M. Elhoussinee Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 2015
Morphological and Physiological Phenology of Pinus longaeva in the White Mountains of California C. Hallman; H. Arnott Tree Ring Research 2015