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Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data

Title Authors Souce Year
Predicting the patterns of change in spring onset and false springs in China during the twenty-first century L. Zhu; J. Meng; F. Li; N. You International Journal of Biometeorology 2017
USA National Phenology Network’s volunteer-contributed observations yield predictive models of phenological transitions T.M. Crimmins; M.A. Crimmins; K.L. Gerst; A.H. Rosemartin; J.F. Weltzin PLOS One 2017
Novel measures of continental-scale avian migration phenology related to proximate environmental cues J.F. Kelly; K.G. Horton; P.M. Stepanian; K.M. de Buers; T. Fagin; E.S. Bridge; P.B. Chilson Ecosphere 2016
Intercomparison and evaluation of spring phenology products using National Phenology Network and AmeriFlux observations in the contiguous United States D. Peng; X. Zhang; C. Wu; W. Huang; A. Gonsamo; A.R. Huete; K. Didan; B. Tan; X. Liu; B. Zhang Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2017
Connecting the dots: Stopover strategies of an intercontinental migratory songbird in the context of the annual cycle K.L. Paxton; F.R. Moore Ecology and Evolution 2017
Phenological responsiveness to climate differs among four species of Quercus in North America K.L. Gerst; N.L. Rossington; S.J. Mazer Journal of Ecology 2017
Spring green-up phenology products derived from MODIS NDVI and EVI: Intercomparison, interpretation and validation using National Phenology Network and AmeriFlux observations D. Peng; C. Wu; C. Li; X. Zhang; Z. Liu; H. Ye; S. Luo; X. Liu; Y. Hu; B. Fang Ecological Indicators 2017
Climate change is advancing spring onset across the U.S. national park system W.B. Monahan; A.H. Rosemartin; K.L. Gerst; N.A. Fisichelli; T. Ault; M.D. Schwartz; J.E. Gross; J.F. Weltzin 2016
Mapping Presence and Predicting Phenological Status of Invasive Buffelgrass in Southern Arizona Using MODIS, Climate and Citizen Science Observation Data C.S.A. Wallace; J.J. Walker; S.M. Skirvin; C. Patrick-Birdwell; J.F. Weltzin; H. Raichle Remote Sensing 2016
Identifying anomalously early spring onsets in the CESM large ensemble project Z. Labe; T. Ault; R. Zurita-Milla 2016