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Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data

Title Authors Souce Year
Developing a Workflow to Identify Inconsistencies in Volunteered Geographic Information: A Phenological Case Study H. Mehdipoor; R. Zurita-Milla; A. Rosemartin; K.L. Gerst; J.F. Weltzin PLOS One 2015
Multi-scale modeling of spring phenology across Deciduous Forests in the Eastern United States E.K. Melaas; M.A. Friedl; A.D. Richardson Global Change Biology 2015
Spring plant phenology and false springs in the conterminous US during the 21st century A.J. Allstadt; S.J. Vavrus; P.J. Heglund; A.M. Pidgeon; W.E. Thogmartin; V.C. Radeloff Environmental Research Letters 2015
Upscaling CO2 fluxes using leaf, soil and chamber measurements across successional growth stages in a sagebrush steppe ecosystem M.B. Cleary; K.J. Naithani; B.E. Ewers; E. Pendall Journal of Arid Environments 2015
Estimating the onset of spring from a complex phenology database: Trade-offs across geographic scales K.A. Gerst; J. Kellerman; C. Enquist; A.H. Rosemartin; E.G. Denny 2015
Lilac and honeysuckle phenology data 1956-2014 A.H. Rosemartin; E.G. Denny; J.F. Weltzin; L. Marsh; B.E. Wilson; H. Mehdipoor; R. Zurita-Milla; M.D. Schwartz 2015
A Matlab toolbox for calculating spring indices from daily meteorological data T. Ault; R. Zurita-Milla; M.D. Schwartz 2015
Trends and natural variability of spring onset in the coterminous United States as evaluated by a new gridded dataset of spring indices T. Ault; M.D. Schwartz; R.Raul Zurita-Milla; J.F. Weltzin; J.L. Betancourt 2015
Species-specific phenological responses to winter temperature and precipitation in a water-limited ecosystem S.J. Mazer; K.L. Gerst; E.R. Matthews; A. Evenden Ecosphere 2015
Probing the past 30 year phenology trend of US deciduous forests X. Yue; N. Unger; T.F. Keenan; X. Zhang; C.S. Vogel Biogeosciences 2015