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Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data

Title Authors Souce Year
Automated data‐intensive forecasting of plant phenology throughout the United States S.D. Taylor; E.P. White Ecological Applications 2020
Climate change shifts in habitat suitability and phenology of huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum) J.S. Prevéy; L.E. Parker; C.A. Harrington; C.T. Lamb; M.F. Proctor Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2020
Land surface phenology from VEGETATION and PROBA-V data. Assessment over deciduous forests K. Bórnez; A. Descals; A. Verger; J. Peñuelas International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 2020
Does an Early Spring Indicate an Early Summer? Relationships between Intra‐seasonal Growing Degree Day Thresholds M.A. Crimmins; T.M. Crimmins Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 2019
Plant phenology and global climate change: Current progresses and challenges S. Piao; Q. Liu; A. Chen; I.A. Janssens; Y. Fu; J. Dai; L. Liu; X. Lian; M. Shen; X. Zhu Global Change Biology 2019
Trails‐as‐transects: phenology monitoring across heterogeneous microclimates in Acadia National Park, Maine C.M. MacKenzie; R.B. Primack; A.J. Miller‐Rushing Ecosphere 2019
Future changes in fire weather, spring droughts, and false springs across U.S. National Forests and Grasslands S. Martinuzzi; A.J. Allstadt; A.M. Pidgeon; C.H. Flather; W.M. Jolly; V.C. Radeloff Ecological Applications 2019
pyPhenology: A python framework for plant phenology modelling S.D. Taylor The Journal of Open Source Software 2019
Rethinking False Spring Risk C.J. Chamberlain; B.I. Cook; G. de Cortazar-Atauri; E.M. Wolkovich Global Change Biology 2019
Testing Hopkins’ Bioclimatic Law with PhenoCam data A.D. Richardson; K. Hufkens; X. Li; T.R. Ault Applications in Plant Sciences 2019