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Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data

Title Authors Souce Year
Influence of source and scale of gridded temperature data on modelled spring onset patterns in the conterminous United States H. Mehdipoor; R. Zurita-Milla; E. Izquierdo-Verdiguier; J.L. Betancourt International Journal of Climatology 2018
Differential changes in the onset of spring across US National Wildlife Refuges and North American migratory bird flyways E.K. Waller; T.M. Crimmins; J.J. Walker; E.E. Posthumus; J.F. Weltzin PLOS One 2018
Overlooked climate parameters best predict flowering onset: assessing phenological models using the elastic net I.W. Park; S.J. Mazer Global Change Biology 2018
Climatic controls of the spatial patterns of vegetation phenology in mid-latitude grasslands of the Northern Hemisphere S. Ren; X. Chen; W. Lang; M. Schwartz American Geophysical Union 2018
Generation and evaluation of the VIIRS land surface phenology product X. Zhang; L. Liu; Y. Liu; S. Jayavelu; J. Wang; M. Moon; G.M. Henebry; M.A. Friedl; C.B. Schaaf Remote Sensing of Environment 2018
Development and analysis of spring plant phenology products: 36 years of 1-km grids over the conterminous US E. Izquierdo-Verdiguier; R. Zurita-Milla; T.R. Ault; M.D. Schwartz Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018
Spring onset predictability in the North American Multi‐Model Ensemble C.M. Carrillo; T.R. Ault; D.S. Wilks Journal od Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 2018
Scaling up spring phenology derived from remote sensing images D. Peng; C. Wu; X. Zhang; L. Yu; A.R. Huete; F. Wang; S. Luo; X. Liu; H. Zhang Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018
Drought timing and local climate determine the sensitivity of eastern temperate forests to drought L. D'Orangeville; J. Maxwell; D. Kneeshaw; N. Pederson; L. Duchesne; T. Logan; D. Houle; D. Arseneault; C.M. Beier; D.A. Bishop; D. Druckenbrod; S. Fraver; F. Girard; J. Halman; C. Hansen; J.L. Hart; H. Hartmann; M. Kaye; D. Leblanc; S. Manzoni; R. Ouimet; S. Rayback; C.R. Rollinson; R.P. Phillips Global Change Biology 2018
Species-specific spring and autumn leaf phenology captured by time-lapse digital cameras Y. Xie; D.L. Civco; J.A. Silander Ecosphere 2018