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Publications Describing Program

Title Authors Souce Year
California Phenology Project: Report on pilot phase activities, 2010-2013 E.R. Matthews; K.L. Gerst; S.J. Mazer; C. Bingham; A. Evenden; A. Forrestel; B. Haggerty; S. Haultain; J. Hoines; S. Samuels; F. Villalba Natural Resource Report 2013
Flight of the Pollinators: Plant phenology from a pollinator's perspective B. Haggerty; A. Hove; S.J. Mazer; L. Barnett Citizen Science: 15 Lessons that bring biology to life 2013
Phenology monitoring protocol: Northeast Temperate Network G. Tierney; B. Mitchell; A.J. Miller-Rushing; J. Katz; E. Denny; C. Brauer; T. Donovan; A.D. Richardson; M. Toomey; A. Kozlowski; J.F. Weltzin; K. Gerst; E. Sharron; O. Sonnentag; F. Dieffenbach National Park Service 2013
The California Phenology Project: Tracking Plant Responses to Climate Change B.P. Haggerty; E.R. Matthews; K.L. Gerst; A.G. Evenden; S.J. Mazer BioOne, Madroño 2013
Phenology for Science, Resource Management, Decision Making, and Education V.P. Nolan; J.F. Weltzin 2011
Nature's Notebook and Extension: Engaging Citizen-Scientists and 4-H Youth to Observe a Changing Environment E.E. Posthumus; L.A. Barnett; T.M. Crimmins; G.R. Kish; W. Sheftall; E. Stancioff; P. Warren Journal of Extension 2013
Standardized phenology monitoring methods to track plant and animal activity for science and resource management applications E.G. Denny; K.L. Gerst; A.J. Miller-Rushing; G.L. Tierney; T.M. Crimmins; C.A.F. Enquist; P. Guertin; A.H. Rosemartin; M.D. Schwartz; K.A. Thomas; J.F. Weltzin International Journal of Biometeorology 2014
Identifying and prioritizing phenological data products and tools C.A.F. Enquist; A.H. Rosemartin; M.D. Schwartz Eos Meeting Reports 2012
Flight of the pollinators: A repeatable hands-on exploration of plant phenology from a pollinator's perspective B. Haggerty; A. Hove; S.J. Mazer; L. Barnett Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2013
From Caprio’s Lilacs to the USA National Phenology Network M.D. Schwartz; J.L. Betancourt; J.F. Weltzin Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2012