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Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is a federal-state partnership program that manages about 4,000 acres of estuarine and adjacent upland property in Narragansett Bay. The land is under protection by the state of RI.  They are using Nature's Notebook would like to use this with their homeschool classes that visit on a regular basis, and perhaps expand to summer camps as well.

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NatureServe is providing scientific assistance in the development and review of USA-NPN species lists, monitoring protocols, and procedures.

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New Hampshire Audubon is coordinating the collection of plant and animal phenology observations at NH Audubon sanctuaries using Nature’s Notebook.

The New York Botanical Garden has developed and hosted training workshops on USA-NPN methods and protocols.

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The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign and the USA-NPN are working together to identify ways to address pollination issues through the collection of phenology information. Through their 'Take Action for Pollinators' project, NAPPC is promoting Nature's Notebook. The USA-NPN is formally recognized as a NAPPC partner.

Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (Old Woman Creek NERR) has an established citizen science program, and is now using Nature's Notebook hoping to draw phenological correlations between species activity and climate. The group has been monitoring bald eagle, salamander, marsh bird, and frog & toads and will begin song bird monitoring as well. They are a federal research reserve (under NOAA), operated under the state of Ohio's Department of Natural Resources.