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Part of the New York Phenology Project.

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Milner Gardens & Woodland - Vancouver Island University is using Nature's Notebook to observe on their 28 hectare (70 acre) property in Canada with their staff, community volunteers, and students. They desire to get baseline measurements to track effects of climate change, provide data for local, regional and continental studies and encourage participation by students & community volunteers.  They will start their observations with the following locations and species: In the woodland: Douglas fir, Bigleaf Maple, Red Alder, Grand Fir, Rubus
parvifolius, Rubus spectabilis, Vaccinium ovatum, Vaccinium parvifolium, Lonicera ciliosa, Achlys triphylla. In the garden: magnolia & Hamamelidaceae collections.

The Arboretum was featured in the episode of SciGirls called Flower Power, in which the Girls used Nature's Notebook to make phenology observations.

The Garden is using Nature's Notebook for phenology observations. 

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Part of the New York Phenoloy Project. 

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Using Nature's Notebook in a program with environmental science high school students. 

Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust protects significant natural, agricultural, and scenic areas and encourages land stewardship in North Central and Western Massachusetts for the benefit of the environment, the economy, and future generations. It is imperative to protect land while there is still a chance to do so. Respecting organizational differences while recognizing common interests, Mount Grace effectively collaborates with a wide range of conservation agencies, organizations, and individuals to protect and steward land, shore up local economies when the opportunity arises, and connect families and neighborhoods with their natural surroundings.

Mount St. Helens Institute is using Nature's Notebook to monitor phenology of plants and animals along several phneology trails. 

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The Mountain Lake Conservancy in Pembroke, Virginia engages visitors and community members in colleting plant and animal phenology observations using Nature’s Notebook. This organization is also part of the cloned dogwood observing network.

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Napa Solano Audubon is using Nature's Notebook with the Audubon CA chapter (48 throughout the state) volunteers to monitor bird phenology on preserves statewide to detect any possible climate change drive shifts and to engage volunteers in climate change research. This chapter is active in San Pablo Bay, CA and is observing the following: Song Sparrow – year round, Bufflehead - Winter, Western Bluebird – Year round, Tree Swallow – Summer, nests in weather head near bench, Red-tailed Hawk – Year Round.