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Unity College is using Nature's Notebook to collect phenology observations in the Honor Section of their Intro Biology course.

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The Office of Arid Lands Studies (OALS) and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provide support to the USA-NPN in the form of logistical and administrative support and office space. OALS is the physical home for the USA-NPN National Coordinating Office.

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UCNRS is a part of the California Phenology Project. 

Researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara are contributing to USA-NPN education and outreach program development as well as to the USA-NPN Plant Phenology Program development.

The Dogwood Genome Project, led by researchers from University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and North Carolina State University and funded by the National Science Foundation, is generating a reference genome sequence for the flowering dogwood clone (Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring'). The Dogwood Genome Project will use phenology observations collected through Nature's Notebook for both native flowering dogwoods and cloned dogwoods by investigating the genes that may be influencing the timing of leaf-out, flowering and leaf-fall. Understanding the genetic basis of these phenological traits will help breeders develop varieties that are best suited for particular growing zones.

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An introductory biology course is using Nature's Notebook to record phenology observations along a campus tree trail.

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The USA-NPN is collaborating with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science via the PopClock project. USA-NPN is engaging Nature's Notebook participants in tracking phenology of two species of poplar.

Started the Minnesota Phenology Network. Find out more on our Geographic Affiliates page.  

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Students use Nature's Notebook as part of a monitoring project for a remote sensing and phenology class. 

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