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This middle school class, Team 7-0 Naturalists, in Pensylvannia is using Nature's Notebook for phenology observations.

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John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is using Nature's Notebook to engage a variety of individuals in becoming trained observers at a state park and giving them opportunities to become involved in citizen science projects. Starting observing with our Junior Friends group (middle and high school students) who come monthly to the park. Our hope is for them to gain skills in observing nature and using them in the future in other locations. We also hope to expand this program to general park visitors in the future, park staff, Junior friends, school groups, volunteers, and park visitors. 

Johnston High School is using Nature's Notebook to teach high school students about scientific observation, basic botany, and climate science. They plan to use data to help students develop graphing and conclusion writing skills. They plan to start with campus trees, particularly oak and maple species.

Teachers and students are using Nature's Notebook as part of an elementary school project.

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Students are using Nature's Notebook as part of a writing program with an environmental focus. 

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Biology students are using Nature's Notebook

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Mansfield Middle School is observing using Nature's Notebook as a part of the Tucson Phenology Network.

Manzo Elementary School is using Nature's Notebook with their students to help their observational skills and get them involved in the natural world around them. 

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Marist College hopes to engage future teachers in the study of phenology, so they will be able to continue this work with their students. College students enrolled in a science methods course for teachers will conduct and report observations on the Marist College campus, starting with two species; White Pine and Eastern Gray Squirrel.

Upper level environmental science students are using Nature's Notebook

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