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This Univeristy is using Nature's Notebook to make phenology observations on the Nebraska prairie. 

ConsBio is a college level course using Nature's Notebook to involve students in phenology observations.

The USA-NPN and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology are working together, primarily through the DataONE effort, to build a community of practice for public participation in scientific research (PPSR) projects and to develop best practices for data management in PPSR projects.

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CRLS is a public high school using Nature's Notebook to engage students in collecting data as well as analyzing the existing Natures Notebook data online as part of project-based learning in Biology classes.

California State University, Chico Department of Science Education is using Nature's Notebook in their CSU Chico NSCI 142 (Concepts in Life Sciences) course with mostly liberal studies undergraduates students who are going into the teacher credentialing program. Most have had negative experiences in science, and instructor Dr. Anne Stephens has found using Citizen Science is a way to engage students and give them ideas about how to teach science to their future students.  Students will be making weekly observations throughout the semester observing riparian species along Big Chico Creek (that flows through campus).

Des Moines Area Community College- Urban will be using Nature's Notebook as a tool for students in Field Ecology courses. The campus has been collecting phenological data for years, but with nowhere to share it. Their use of Nature's Notebook allows student and staff to participate in the collection of a larger body of scientific data.  Students and instructors will be monitoring a wide variety of prairie species, both plants and animals, at several local sites.

Students in the Department of Biological Science are using Nature's Notebook to track phenology on campus.

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Biology students use Nature's Notebook as part of a semester project. 

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Students use Nature's Notebook as part of a 200 level research class. 

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