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Alcuin Montessori School Adolescent Program teaches a unit about "Balance" and became interested in using Nature's Notebook as a platform to integrate topics in ecology, plant biology, and climate change. This monitoring project serves their academic goals and is a great experience for the students to contribute to a Citizen Science project. Students and their teachers will conduct observations in a local park in Oak Park, IL. The Oak Park park district has detailed information about species in this park and there are species in the park that are listed on the Green Wave Midwest campaign, such as Northern Red Oak, Red Maple, and Sugar Maple.

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Teachers and students are using Nature's Notebook to observe phenology in their school forest in Wisconsin.

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The Bates College Phenology Group (currently moderated by Dr. Allyson Eller) seeks to improve our knowledge of the phenology of local species in central Maine so that we can identify phenological shifts in response to climate change.  We are using Nature's Notebook to facilitate data collection by students, staff, and faculty at Bates College and citizen-scientists from the larger Lewiston-Auburn community.

The Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) in Albuquerque, NM is currently performing citizen science monitoring of the bosque, which is Rio Grande riparian ecosystem,  with local schools around Albuquerque and New Mexico. Using Nature's Notebook will add a phenology-related piece to their educational programming happening with about 40 different education groups (classes, scouts, etc) each year. The partnership aims to help students feel a connection to their landscape through careful monitoring and observing of the changing seasons in the bosque.  Some of the speciees being monitored include: cottonwood - P. deltoides (native), Siberian elm - U. pumila (exotic), tamarisk - Tamarix sp. (exotic).

Subgroup of the Tucson Phenology Trail, engages K-5 graders in their Environmental Learning Lab, both in school and after school programming.

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Students at Boston College are tracking phenology of trees on campus using Nature's Notebook.

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An undergraduate ecology class is using Nature's Notebook to record phenology observations on campus plants.

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This course uses citizen science to track tree phenology on the Brookdale Community College Campus.