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Participants in Texas Nature Challenges and Phenology Nature Walks are using Nature's Notebook to record their nature observations individually and in teams.

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The science question for The Environmental Sentinel of The 606 is "How will Lake Michigan affect the bloom times of temperature sensitive blooming trees planted the 2.7 mile length of The 606 trail?" Phenology observations will be made by staff of The Trust for Public Land, trained adults who will serve as lead volunteers, teachers and their students, as well as visitors to the trail as part of workshops, pop-up programs and community engagement. Observations will be taken on Amelanchier X grandiflora - Autumn Brilliance, common lilac - forsythia and pollinators. 

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Audubon CA chapter (48 throughout the state) volunteers to monitor bird phenology on preserves statewide to detect any possible climate change-drive shifts and to engage volunteers in climate change research. Yolo Audubon is newest to Audubon CA chapter as of February 23, 2016 and will choose their species to monitor with Nature's Notebook on 6,800 Bobcat Ranch in Yolo County.

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