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Partner Type - Citizen Science Programs

Members of CoCoRaHS are monitoring phenological events in plants and animals at their weather monitoring sites.

The Great Sunflower Project was started in 2007 at San Francisco State University. Great Sunflower Project observers are documenting the life cycle events of sunflowers. These observations will be archived in the national phenology database maintained by the USA-NPN.

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Participants in HoneyBeeNet are documenting the life cycle events of key nectar plants. These observations will be archived in the national phenology database maintained by the USA-NPN.

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Hummingbird Monitoring Network and USA-NPN are working together to establish monitoring of hummingbird nectar plant phenology.

Monarch Watch observers are collecting life cycle events of key nectar plants for monarch and other butterflies. These observations are contained in the national phenology database maintained by the USA-NPN.

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Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (Old Woman Creek NERR) has an established citizen science program, and is now using Nature's Notebook hoping to draw phenological correlations between species activity and climate. The group has been monitoring bald eagle, salamander, marsh bird, and frog & toads and will begin song bird monitoring as well. They are a federal research reserve (under NOAA), operated under the state of Ohio's Department of Natural Resources.

Established in 2011, Portland BudWatch is an effort to track plant phenology on an urban trail in Portland, Oregon.

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Project BudBurst is an opportunity for citizen scientists including individuals, school or other groups to track the phenology of plants. Representatives of Project BudBurst contributed significantly to the development of the USA-NPN Plant Phenology Program and overall program development.

Partner Website: connects regular people to real research projects they can do, like Nature's Notebook. is encouraging participation in Nature's Notebook by featuring the USA National Phenology Network and USA-NPN projects on their website.

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Talking Talons Youth Leadership is using Nature's Notebook to engage youth in environmental education in a meaningful and productive way. Talking with Talons Phenology Group frequently takes groups of youth on hikes, and field trips and we want to harness the power of youth to fuel citizen science efforts. We enjoy teaching about phenology, forest restoration, and ecological monitoring and we see Nature's Notebook as a way for our youth groups to observe and collect data which can have a direct impact in science. 

Talking Talons staff will be responsible for monitoring, quality of data submissions and scheduling regular visits. Students and volunteers will be guided by Talking Talons staff on how to properly make observations. The area they are observing contains a wide variety of wildlife and a large number of migratory and resident birds. They also plan to monitor a small number of Ponderosa pine trees, and eventually expand to Douglas Fir and White Fir . 

Talking with Talons is also a member of the Rio Grande Penology Trail