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CSU Chico students enrolled in NSCI 102, a writing-intensive life science course, are seeking to answer questions about the phenology of valley oak, elderberry, acorn woodpecker and California ground squirrel, and how the phenology of these species coincide.

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Undergraduate class is using Nature's Notebook to monitor phenology of trees on campus.

What is the difference between weather and climate? How do weather and climate affect living things? Calvin Christian School hopes to create a way for students to make regular phenology observations of their school nature center. The desire is for students to experience the importance of citizen science to inform the greater scientific community. Observations will take place on native Minnesota perennial plants.

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Chicago Parks are using Nature's Notebook to collect phenology observations. 

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Chico Creek Nature Center is using Nature's Notebook to explore phenology

Chico Creek Nature's Center is using Nature's Notebook to record phenology observations.

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City College of San Francisco - EcoChronos CCSF group is using Nature's Notebook with community ecology students for engagement in long term monitoring and participation as citizen scientists; phenological analysis on local and regional scale.

City Park partnering with local Master Natuaralists, schools, and Virginia Tech.

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