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Phenology has been an explicit component of EwA’s ecosystem-focused citizen science program since 2018. Our general objective is to monitor the biodiversity and phenology of our urban forests and parks and understand how it differs across urban landscapes and shifts over time. EwA’s major effort is local. It engages the surrounding communities to observe and record seasonal events in their precious urban wildlife habitats. EwA trains its citizen scientists to document phenology rigorously, in order to collect high-quality data that can be used by local and global institutions and experts through USA-NPN. Our focus questions include: 1) Flora phenology. How does phenology differ between native and non-native herbaceous plants? 2) Flora phenology. How does phenology differ for the same species between different nearby urban landscapes? 3) Avian phenology. How does the phenology of resident and migrating birds match local flora phenology in a changing climate? 4) Arthropod phenology. How does the phenology of native arthropods, including pollinators compare with phenology of both native and non-native companion plants under a changing climate? More about EwA Citizen Science »
Geographic coverage: 
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Taxonomic groups: 
Flowering Plants
Non-flowering Plants
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Claire O'Neill
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