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USFWS Refuge Phenology Dashboards

Brief description: 
On the USFWS Phenology Network subsite, we created dynamically updating dashboards that display results from phenology data collection for partner refuges.
Partner Organization: 
Contact Name: 
Jana Newman
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Project Start Date: 
Background Information: 
Jana Newman expressed a need to have dynamically updating visualizations for Refues in an easily accessible place on the USFWS Phenology Network website. This would showcase how refuges are using the phenology data they collect, and be a place to point stakeholders and visitors to see the results of data collection.
Relevant decision/action: 
On individual refuge landing pages, a What we're finding section displays dynamically updating results from phenology data collection. Any administrator of the refuge group in the Nature's Notebook system can customize this dashboard to display results of interest.
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Is the project complete? : 
Is the project an example of adaptive management?: 
Project Complete Date: 
February, 2018
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