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Midway Atoll NWR - Endangered species phenology for propagation

Brief description: 
Midway Atoll NWR requested 2 new species to be added in 2018 to learn more about the species phenology and facilitate efficient seed collection
Project Start Date: 
Jan 2018
Background Information: 
Solanum nelsonii ::: Popolo (ITIS TSN 30483) -- This forb/shrub species was recently listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and refuge staff need the ability to monitor both wild and outplanted individuals here at Midway to determine their survival rate and whether they produce fruits. I thought NPN would be a great tool for assessing that. Pritchardia remota ::: Nihoa fan palm (ITIS TSN 42490) -- This palm, endemic to just one island in Hawaii, has been listed under ESA for a while and a half dozen or so individuals have been grown and outplanted here. As with popolo refuge staff are interested in its flowering/fruiting phenology.
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Is the project complete? : 
In Progress
January, 2018