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Signs of the Seasons - Common Loon phenology

Brief description: 
Signs of the Seasons is a Local Phenology Program that is using Nature's Notebook to observe phenology of a suite of focal species. They started using NPN protocols to document Common Loon phenology in 2016.
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Esperanza Stancioff
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See summary here:
Research Question: 
Program objectives: • Filling the critical need for phenology data to characterize the biological effects of climate change. • Empowering citizens to become part of the response, and ultimately, solutions to climate change through the program, by increasing their climate literacy, engaging in participatory research, and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Questions related to Loons: What is the presence/abundance of Common Loons on Maine lakes and ponds? When do Lons breed and when do chicks appear and grow throughout spring and summer months?
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Educate & Communicate
Is the project complete? : 
In Progress
December, 2017