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Spring Onset Advancing Across NPS

Brief description: 
Spring has already advanced in three-quarters of the 276 parks examined, and half of the parks are experiencing an "extreme" early spring that exceeds 95% of historical conditions as measured by first leaf index and/or first bloom index from indicator plant species.
Partner Organization: 
Contact Name: 
Bill Monahan
Project Start Date: 
August 2014
Background Information:
Research Question: 
Is the timing of spring changing across the NPS?
Data Used: 
Gridded Spring Indices (Berkeley Earth, Toby Ault version)
Spring is advancing in most parks, and half of parks are extremely early relative to the historic range of variability.
Relevant decision/action: 
Supports parks in planning field seasons, wildflower viewing - see project brief
Resource Management Outcome(s): 
Results used in 2019 Air and Climate Report to show impacts of CC on parks.
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Is the project complete? : 
Is the project an example of adaptive management?: 
Project Complete Date: 
January 2017
October, 2017
Collaborative Model: