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Xarxa Fenològica de Catalunya (Phenological Network of Catalonia)

About this Project, Network or Partner
Created and managed by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia in 2013, FENOCAT is an example of citizen science that uses BBCH international codification and forms part of the Pan European Phenology Database (PEP725 project). Each observer chooses the plant species to observe and the phenophases he/she wants to monitor, as well as the birds and butterflies he/she wishes to check. The observation is done two or three times a week, following the guidelines of USA NPN. Apart from current observations, FENOCAT is also involved in data rescue initiatives dealing with phenology.
Geographic coverage: 
Catalonia, Spain
Taxonomic groups: 
Flowering Plants
Duration of Monitoring : 
Since 2013
Contact Name: 
Montserrat Busto
Contact E-mail:


Fenocat, Meteorological Service of Catalonia
Berlín Street, 38-46, 4th floor
08029 Barcelona