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Global Alliance of Phenological Observation Networks (GAPON) Submission

Network Information Form

If you would like to be included on our list of large-scale phenology networks around the globe, please fill out this form with information about your organization.

Starred items are required and all others can be included if they are applicable for your organization. 

For example "USA National Phenology Network"
For example "USA-NPN"
For example, “”. If your network is represented on a webpage within a larger website, please also give us the URL for the specific webpage. If you do not yet have a website, please write “none yet” and include a contact name and email address below in lieu of a website address.
A short description (in English, please) of the phenology-related aspects of the observation network with information that would be of interest to a global audience of phenologists. Please try to keep the description under 250 words.
What geographic region, countries or states does your monitoring data cover? For example, "Global", "Europe" or "Southern Italy"
Check all the groups for which your organization has monitoring data.
Over what time period does your monitoring data extend? For example, “Since 1980” or “1872 to 1938, 2007-present”.
Who is the primary point of contact for the phenological aspects of your organization?
What email address should anyone interested in the phenological aspects of your organization use to contact you?
Some networks extend geographically beyond the country where they were founded. Please list the country in which your network originated or from where it is administered.
If you would like to provide the mailing address or university, city and country of your organization, include that here