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Garlic Mustard

Brief description: 
Appalachian Trail Conservancy is using Nature's Notebook data to estimate when garlic mustard will begin to grow in the spring, to target control effots.
Partner Organization: 
Contact Name: 
Marian Orlousky
Contact Email:
Project Start Date: 
Background Information: 
Garlic mustard is a problematic invasive species along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania
Research Question: 
When will garlic mustard green up this spring?
Data Used: 
Leaf out data for garlic mustard collected in prior years accessed via the USA-NPN's visualization tool.
Relevant decision/action: 
Plan to send out staff to manage garlic mustard.
Resource Management Outcome(s): 
Effective use of staff and volunteer time to control garlic mustard, more effective control efforts, healthier, less invaded ecosystems.
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Is the project complete? : 
In Progress
Is the project an example of adaptive management?: