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Learn about data management and archiving in the National Phenology Database

The USA-NPN National Phenology Database can serve as the long-term archive for phenology data collected by members of partnering organizations. Several current USA-NPN partners, including the Arbor Day Foundation, Monarch Watch, and HoneyBeeNet, are housing phenology records in the National Phenology Database.

Use of Nature's Notebook standards are encouraged; data collected following these standards can be viewed using USA-NPN visualization tools. Data collected not following Nature's Notebook standards can also be archived in the National Phenology Database but will not be accessible through USA-NPN visualization tools.

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We also offer the capacity to upload many phenological observations to the National Phenology Database  at a time. Records that are suitable for bulk upload are those that follow USA-NPN standards and could otherwise be added to the National Phenology Database via the Nature's Notebook interface. If you are interested in learning more about this capacity, please contact us.