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Valle de Oro NWR - restoration of bosque forest

Brief description: 
Valle de Oro has been selected as a pilot for phenology monitoring using Nature's Notebook. Phenology monitoring will be used to: -Track the ecological condition of plants and animals and their response to environmental and climatic change. -Engage a variety of groups around the Albuquerque area.
Partner Organization: 
Contact Name: 
Jennifer Owen-White
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Project Start Date: 
Background Information: 
In June of 2013, Valle de Oro was selected as the first pilot refuge to trial phenology monitoring (PM) with Nature’s Notebook. The USA-NPN Liaison to FWS, with the Refuge Manager Jennifer Owen-White, are implementing a phenology monitoring program on the Refuge. A group of volunteers are engaged in collecting weekly observations of birds and 2 tree species, and school groups are involved in various projects.
Research Question: 
Which avian species are present on the refuge? Which avian species are breeding on the refuge? What is the abundance of large birds on the refuge? When do invasive Siberian elm have seeds? When does breaking leaf bud occur in Rio Grande cottonwoods (Populus deltoides wislizeni)? When does leaf color occur in Rio Grande cottonwoods (Populus deltoides wislizeni)?
Data Used: 
Species list of birds Abundance of birds (especially sandhill crane, Canada geese) Fruiting of Siberian elm All phenophases of Eastern cottonwood
None yet
Relevant decision/action: 
None yet, though timing of seeds of invasive Siberian elm will be used to determine timing of certain restoration activities, and knowledge of abundance of birds may inform safety risk to nearby airport.
Resource Management Outcome(s): 
None yet.
Strategic Plan Area: 
Inform Decisions
Educate & Communicate
Is the project complete? : 
In Progress
Is the project an example of adaptive management?: