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Rio Grande Phenology Trail Nature's Notebook Training

This workshop was hosted by the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and presented by Education Director Mollie Parsons and ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden Education Coordinator Tallie Segel.

The purpose of the workshop was to give an introduction on the goals of the Rio Grande Phenology Trail, the applications of phenology, and how to use Nature's Notebook in the field. A desired outcome of the workshop is that participants would monitor at one of 3 exiting Nature's Notebook sites (the 2 Botanic Gardens as well as Valle de Oro NWR) or set up a new site along the Rio Grande.

The training took place outside at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens' Leonora Curtin Wetlands Preseve, which has several Nature's Notebook sites that have been in place for multiple years. Participants represented the ABQ BioPark, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens volunteers, Santa Fe area Master Gardeners, Audubon volunteers, and the Education Director for the Santa Fe River Watershed Association. Some participants may set up additional NN locations. 

Workshop Details