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Grand Canyon Teacher's Workshop

This workshop was presented to teachers in grades K-12 at the Grand Canyon National Park. Here are some links we discussed during our workshop:

Science Daily: - I have this set so I receive daily science alerts in my inbox.  These are accessible summaries of current scientific journal articles. 

Here is a link with more information about the Pied Flycatcher - Winter Moth species mismatch:

Here is a link to the Arizona Cooperative Extension Offices. Contact them for questions about species identification, pests, invasive species, etc. Search for your county on the lower left side of the page:

A link to our YouTube page with ALL of our recorded webinars, how-to videos, etc.:

Phenology Trail Resources and contacts:

  • Tucson Phenology Trail landing page with info about the project and partners. Calendar and Meet up group info can be found on the side bar.
  • Phoenix Phenology Trail, landing page coming soon. Contact Nikki Julien, Project NICE Coordinator at Maricopa Cooperative Extension, if you are in the Phoenix area and would like to add your school or visit a site.  
  • Northern Arizona Phenology Trail, landing page coming soon.  Contact Stephanie Sutton, Supervisory Park Ranger,Science Liaison/Canyon Field Schools Director for info near the Grand Canyon. Contact Lisa Zander, Program Coordinator for the Natural History Institute to arrange field trips to the Lower Butte Creek Phenology Walk. 

Grants and other resouces can be found on our main USA-NPN website here: Funding Opportunities

Email if you'd like the link to our species request page.  

Thanks for participating!

Workshop Details

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