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USA-NPN Booth at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books

This contains materials exhibited at the USA-NPN Booth at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books, located in Science City - Science of the Natural World, March 15-16.  The booth was staffed by two NPN personnel from 9am til 5:30pm.  All audiences were in attendance, but the focus was primarily youths, aged 2-13, although we encourged participation from all.

Word Search
Word search sheets were distributed at all 6 partner participating booths, as well as the NPN booth (Phenology Word Search.doc). Instructions were on the back page (TFOB_Back of Word Search.docx ), as well as a list of all particpating booths.  Each booth had a stand-alone plastic vertical placard with information on the word search, containing a question related to phenology as well as instructions (Phenology at TFOB1-6.doc), in which the answer was located in the word search page.  Completed word searches were returned to the NPN booth and a prize item (mug, thumb drive, lapel pin) was given as a reward. 

Nature's Notebook Simple Datasheets
Four types of short-hand simplified Nature's Notebook phenophase observation sheets (tfob 1 and 2 .jpg) were made to act as an introduction to Nature's Notebook and allow a quick version of the program.  To accompany the data sheets, visual aids were present at the table to serve as species to be observed.  Hummingbird plush with song, Frog Life Cycle, Butterfly Life Cycle and fresh cut cresote bush branches were the items used.

Coloring Pages
Six different species of animal coloring pages (Barn Owl, Cardinal, Chipmuck, Coyote, Woodpecker, and Deer jpgs) were printed on cardstock weight paper with NPN, Nature's Notebook logos and URL (Coloring Page back.jpg) on the back.  Colored pencils and markers were provided for children to color at booth.  Staff engaged children by asking questions such as "have you ever seen a cardinal, do you know what a coyote sounds like, what's your favorite animal etc.

Seasonal Matching Game
Poster with graphic indicating four seasons (Seasons.pdf) was printed in large format (30"x30") and placed on table and various pictures (images files) were laminated, observers were asked to place images on which season they would see them occuring. 

Phenology Observations at TFOB
Paper table top easel pad was puchased and displayed with the prompt "What did you observe, see or hear at the TFOB?"  Public was encouraged to write, describe or draw the things they experianced at TFOB.

Tweet About It
Business cards (tfobcards.doc) printed with the following: "Tweet, Instagram or email a picture of any phenology event happening at TFOB to #PhenoTFOB or Your entry will be entered in a raffle to win one of several prizes - NPN hat, bag or water bottle!"

Recommended Booklist
List of various books recommended by the NPN was printed and displayed with several of the books.

Nature's Notebook Third Cut Flyer
Nature's Notebook third cut flyer was displayed and given out to provide people with an explanational how to get invovled in the program flyer.

Workshop Details