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Observe with a Group

If you are participating in a local, organized effort, you might want to join a group so you have access to their sites. To do so, first make yourself a member of the group in Nature’s Notebook. If you’ve already joined Nature’s Notebook, go to your account page and click “edit”. Under “partner groups” select the partner group you wish to join, and click “add,” then save your changes at the bottom of the page. If you haven’t yet joined Nature’s Notebook, add yourself to the partner organization as you register

Click below for more information in Video format.


Next, go to your observation deck to find the group site. On the left panel, in the “My Sites” dropdown, you’ll find the name of the group you joined. Click on the group name to see the site or sites associated with the group, and submit observations.

If you'd like to start your own local effort and create a group site, visit our Set up a Group Site page.


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