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Organizing Phenological Data Resources to Inform Natural Resource Conservation

TitleOrganizing Phenological Data Resources to Inform Natural Resource Conservation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRosemartin, AH, Crimmins, TM, Enquist, CAF, Gerst, KL, Kellerman, JL, Posthumus, EE, Weltzin, JF, Denny, EG, Guertin, P, Marsh, LR
JournalBiological Conservation
Date Published05/2014


Changes in the timing of plant and animal life cycle events, in response to climate change, are already happening across the globe. The impacts of these changes may affect biodiversity via disruption to mutualisms, trophic mismatches, invasions and population declines. To understand the nature, causes and consequences of changed, varied or static phenologies, new data resources and tools are being developed across the globe. The USA National Phenology Network is developing a long-term, multi-taxa phenological database, together with a customizable infrastructure, to support conservation and management needs. We explore applications of the infrastructure at the local level to inform invasive species management, and at the regional scale to understand gradients and cues for phenological response to climate. The approaches described here are congruent with recent trends towards multi-agency, large-scale research and action.

Biological Conservation