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Master Gardener Training Course, version 2

This 3 hour workshop was presented in the Pima County Master Gardener training course, Spring 2013.  It includes a lecture on the definition and history of phenological studies, an overview of climate and life zones, species and diversity as well as a section on direct phenology application for the Master Gardeners.  Included is an outline of the talk, powerpoint slides, and evaluation handout. 

The course also included a hands on introduction to data collection at the Pima Extension site, using the installed phenology walk as well as a 12 week independent data collection assignment with data interpretation. 

At the conclusion of the 12 week session, a full suite of materials and information will be posted on the USA-NPN website so this workshop can be recreated for audiences such as Master Naturalists, Master Forest Volunteers, etc.  Outcomes will also be reported for reference.

Here is a link to a blog post on the National eXtension website, written by two of our Pima County Master Gardeners: Nature's Notebook and Master Gardeners: A tool for all seasons

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