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NAAEE Workshop - Phenology Monitoring and Citizen Science: Partnerships for Educators and Scientists

Workshop presented at the 2012 North American Association of Environmental Education in Oakland, CA Is climate

change affecting seasonal plant and animal responses? Why should you care? Learn about the importance of phenology (the study of seasonal plant and animal life cycle events) and it’s relationship to the environment, climate change, and YOU. through participation in the Nature’s Notebook Citizen Science Program.  This workshop will provide an interactive introduction to the science of phenology and find out how you can incorporate meaningful data collection and analysis into your formal or informal teaching.  Hear how NatureBridge and the National Park Service (through the California Phenology Project), Cooperative Extension Programs, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as teachers and volunteers are doing just that! This fun, hands-on workshop will give you all the tools you need to begin making a difference with your students, both young and old, and inform you about current phenological research and data collection in across the US.   We will also provide you with educational tools, resources, and ways to connect with other educators implementing citizen science into their programming.  The workshop will feature an introductory classroom session with background information on phenology and the Nature’s Notebook Citizen Science program.  We will also provide a field component (at GGNRA) which will allow you to set up a site and collect data, interactively determine how this type of program will work in your educational setting, and show you all of the tools available to you to collect and analyze data with your students. 

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Wed, 10/10/2012