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Green-wave phenology

TitleGreen-wave phenology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSchwartz, MD
Page range839-840
Date Published10/2000

Phenology, the traditional study of seasonal plant and animal activity driven by environmental factors, has found new relevance in research into global climate change. Global phenology research so far has concentrated on measurements obtained by satellites, downplaying connections of these measures to information obtained on the surface,, perhaps because of a lack of conventional, surface-based phenological data. However, an integration of conventional and satellite-derived measures is needed to understand better the mid-latitude spring onset of photosynthesis, known as the 'green wave' or 'green-up'. Here I show how a surface-based green-wave model can extend the monitoring of climatic variability back to 1900, providing a longer-term context for the more limited, recent data obtained from satellites.