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Connect with nature, learn and contribute to scientific discovery by observing phenology.

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Brian F Powell

Why Observe?

Have fun outdoors

Where you observe is up to you. Participating is an exciting way to experience your favorite trail, neighborhood park or even your own backyard.

Deepen your connection with nature

Going outside to look at plants or animals up-close will expand your knowledge of nature and open up new ways you experience the great outdoors.

Learn about phenology

You can intimately connect with plants or animals that you see all the time in a brand new way.

As an observer, you’ll notice things you never saw before. The slightest blush on a maple leaf that foreshadows the coming fall. The new, more vibrant feathers warblers put on days before mating. The swelling of a Palo Verde bean pod as it grows. You can develop a more nuanced appreciation of our natural world when you participate in Nature’s Notebook.

Contribute to scientific discovery

Researchers, resource managers, educators and others use your data for scientific discovery and decision-making. Your data are a big deal!

Phenology data help us predict threats to people and the environment such as wildfires, drought or flooding. They help us decide the timing of events, from when to harvest or irrigate land to when to conduct controlled burns in forests.