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Teens in the Garden at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

The Teens in the Garden program at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona is a once a month program designed for teen volunteers. In addition to volunteering their time at the garden, learning and helping with garden tasks such as planting, horticulture, and staffing docent stations, the teens participated in Nature's Notebook by contributing observations to the database every time they met. Here you will find the introductory slides and program delivered to the teens in September 2015 as well as the concluding session where we wrapped up the experience, reflected, and made connections to the real world.

At the conclusion of the program, the USA-NPN Certifed 18 new Jr. Phenologists. The Jr. Phenologist program requires that participating students under the age of 18 make at least 6 consistent observations for Nature's Notebook, including entering the observation data from the plants and animals they observe into our National Phenology Database. Congratulations to all!

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