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Local Phenology Project Planning Resources

The first link is a document designed to help Local Phenology Leaders develop a Phenology Walk or Trail in their community. It is a step-by-step guide to creating a collaborative program that meets educational, scientific, or management needs. 

The second set of worksheets are designed to be used by Local Phenology Leaders who are developing a Phenology Walk at their organization's site. It has been also been used in teacher training workshops and in docent training courses to help participants think through the objectives of designing a Phenology Walk for education or outreach.  The purpose is to provide some guidelines for planning a phenology monitoring program at a site.  It includes guiding information on how to develop a science question and space to plan short-medium-long term goals for a phenology monitoring program. It also offer space to brainstorm some activities that may be plugged in to achieve these programmatic outcomes.  

**NOTE: The framework for this guide is for an educator/leader-centered program and not for individual student outcomes and achievements during a short semester or academic year.  Rather, the planning should include mulitple years of phenology monitoring, ideas for collaboration with colleagues and other community organizations in support of answering a scientific reasearch question related to phenology and/or climate change.

USA-NPN Education Publication Number: 2014-007-C (2014-007-CSP - Spanish)

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