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Local Phenology Project Planning Resources

Needs Assessment Worksheet

Before you embark on designing any type of program consider doing a needs assessment to decide what "need" something like a Nature's Notebook phenology monitoring program might fill. The first link above is a simple needs assessment form which can be used to determine your first steps in program development. You can also share your information with the National Coordinating Office staff by completing the web form linked from that page.

Nature's Notebook Goal Setting Activity

Before you dive into writing up a Program Plan for your long-term Nature's Notebook project, consider using this goal setting worksheet to help you think about short, medium, and long-term measurable objectives. You also may wish to document some of the information you've gathered from your Needs Assessment Form if you've got stakeholders and resources now available to you. Once you've worked through a broad goal setting plan, then you can move onto the next step of completing the Phenology Walk or Trail Program Planning Guide. We also offer a goal setting worksheet in Spanish if you are working with Spanish speaking audiences.

** Note: this worksheet is similar to the Program Planning Document but may be useful to you as you begin to think about what you'd like to do more specifically and for the first time.

Phenology Walk or Trail Program Planning Document

The next link is a document designed to help Local Phenology Leaders think about goals that may be achieved by implementing a Nature's Notebook monitoring program. The worksheets are designed to provide guidance in thinking about a program plan or a logic model for your Nature's Notebook Monitoring Program. The purpose of the Program Planning Document is to help Local Phenology Leaders think about goals, organize existing resources, and document a plan for moving forward.  

Also linked above is our full guidance document designed to help you create a Phenology Walk or Trail in your community. It is a step-by-step guide to creating a collaborative program that meets educational, scientific, or management needs, which can be shared with stakeholders in your community. 

Once you've got this sketched out, you can develop a solid logic model and action plan using the information you have on hand from these exercises.

Logic Model Worksheet

After organizing your thoughts around what you hope to achieve and the resources you have available to you your next step should be a plan for developing solid measurable outcomes and a way to track your progress. If you've decided upon your needs, decided how Nature's Notebook can help you meet those needs and the resources you have available, then you can work backward to determine what specifically you need to do to get you there. 

For more information on Program Planning and Evaluation visit the following helpful websites:

Program Planning Worksheet

This worksheet can help you think through the objectives and action steps you need to do to achieve your stated short, medium, or long-term goals for your program. 

Action Planning Template

This template helps you to document the steps you are taking (your objectives or tasks) and provides a place to record what resources you need for each, who is responsible for completing the tasks, and documentation for when it is complete.


Needs Assessment Worksheet: USA-NPN Education Resource Number: 2017-002-C

Program Planning Guide: USA-NPN Education Resource Number: 2014-007-C (2014-007-CSP - Spanish)

Logic Model Worksheet: USA-NPN Education Resource Number: 2017-001-C

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